Jal Tarang

Craft & Retail

In a state renowned for its intricate artistry, craftsmanship and cultural legacy, Jal Tarang gives craft, retail area and the bazaar, pride of place on the waterfront. Boutique stores and anchor shops will display the works of master craftsmen, traditional weavers, painters and artists as well as contemporary Indian creations. Here, the bazaar and festival markets will stand beside high end retail stores, traditional wares will keep step with contemporary trends, and the young will be as happy to browse and shop as the old, and the locals as excited as the tourists.

• Bazaar and Festival Markets on the waterfront
• Boutiques and high-end stores
• From priceless gems to affordable handcrafted indulgences
• Live demonstrations of craftworks
• Excellent infrastructure
• Leisure park and amusement area
• Activities/Entertainment for whole family
• Edutainment Zone for children


The project is currently under design and is programmed to be constructed and opened for business tentatively by the year 2014. The layout shown is indicative and the components highlighted might change as work evolves on site.