Jal Tarang

Mansagar Lake

Until a few years ago, it was a parched and polluted lakebed. But today, Mansagar Lake has transformed into a resurgent wetland, a new home to birds, fish, flora and fauna and a shimmering sheet of water that reflects the beauty of Jal Mahal and the surrounding Aravalli hills, both by day and night. The result of six years of work, immeasurable commitment and expertise of international specialists and a huge sum invested by Jal Mahal Resorts Pvt. Ltd. to breathe new life into the valley.

The revival of the lake has involved the removal of million tonnes of toxic silt, deepening of the lake bed by over a metre, and pioneering an eco-friendly water treatment system to dramatically improve the quality of the lake. Along the shore, more than 100,000 trees, including state tree of Rajasthan, Rohida, are being nurtured into a sprawling green canopy. Today, Mansagar has become the first ecologically revived lake in India with a 100% functional state-of-the-art storm water treatment and management system. And the results are there for all to see. The water is visibly cleaner, the fish are abounding, and the birds have begun to come back. Grey heron, sandpipers, black-winged stilts, white browed wagtail, blue-tailed bee eaters... they are all making Jal Tarang a fascinating destination for birdwatchers and naturalists alike.

Mansagar Lake Restoration Highlights

• Water quality and quantity improvement

• Lake environment improvement involving:
   - Construction of diversion drain connecting Brahmapuri Nalla and Nagatalai Nalla
   - Renovation and modification of North Zone STP
   - Setting up of Territory Treatment Plant for Territory Wet Land Treatment
   - Construction of Settling Tank from Amber
   - Check Dam on North East Side of the lake
   - Construction of irrigation diversion channel downstream of dam
   - Lake bed stabilization
   - Identification of polluting carpet
   - Setting up of effluent treatment plant
   - In-situ bio-remediation process of lake water
   - Desilting of lake bed

• International team of Lake Restoration experts:
   - Lake Expert: Prof. Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering, Sorab Arceivala and      Dr. Shyam Asolekar, IIT Mumbai
   - Environmental Professional: Mr. Jal R Kapadia, Mumbai
   - German engineer: MA.Harald Kraft
   - Engineers from the Jaipur Development Authority

• Government departments involved in implementation
   - Nodal agency: Jaipur Development Authority
   - Rehabilitation of North Zone STP: Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project
   - Treatment and afforestation of lake catchment area: Forest Department
   - Lowering down of waste weir and work of link canal: Irrigation Department
   - Selection of private sector developer: Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.