Jal Tarang

Business Enquiries

A mixed use project such as India has never seen before, Jal Tarang promises to be a gem of business opportunity to retailers, hoteliers, tour companies, developers, artists and entertainment companies alike. With an expected footfall of approximately 2 million visitors per annum, Jal Tarang promises to attract them all: international tourists, domestic travellers, week-enders from Delhi as well as local day-trippers… everyone who has been waiting to discover ‘the Jewel of Jaipur’. What this means for collaborators, trade partners and associates like you is an opportunity to become part of an invaluable business opportunity.

• Optimising the tourist potential of the renowned Jal Mahal monument
• A range of cultural, leisure and retail opportunities
• Large convention and banquet facilities
• Attractions for luxury tourist segment
• Unmatched potential in hospitality, sports and entertainment

For business enquiries, contact: bizenquiry@jalmahal.com